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Case Study: Jane Mueller


Jane Mueller


East Brunswick, NJ

Median Home Value: $456,000


  • 3 listings in her 1st year with SmartTargeting


Jane Mueller is a top RE/MAX agent who took the time to share with us what sets her apart. Jane has a strong business and finance background, which allows her to educate her clients on when is the best time to buy or sell. Jane values her integrity and her ability to truly be honest with her clients. She is the one of the first agents to tell us she has actually talked homeowners into not selling!

“I always give my clients honest advice when they come to me about buying or selling a home. If the time is not right I tell them to wait. I give them all the facts and being honest with my clients benefits me in the long run. It guarantees that they will trust me and use me as their agent when they are ready.”


When Jane had her daughter in 2007, she wanted a job that would have a flexible schedule; she had no idea that real estate would give her the flexibility she needed to spend time with her daughter while still providing an unbelievable amount of professional success. Though she started off selling rentals, Jane is on now track to sell 27-28 million dollars in volume in this, her 7th year in real estate.

SmartTargeting has assisted Jane with increasing her brand recognition and identifying the homeowners she should focus her efforts on. In just one year, this has allowed Jane to close three additional listings and she is confident that the response will grow in 2017.

“I truly am a neighborhood expert — in the past 7 years I have been in each home and know everything there is to know about this area. I have seen the inside of most homes and can provide past owner details. That is what makes me valuable to my clients.”


Jane values the importance of building strong relationships with all homeowners. Her true motive is to get to know her clients better so she can help them find the home that best fits their needs and wants. SmartTargeting’s data-backed predictions tee up the top selling prospects in her area, and Jane works to identify each prospect’s needs and selling timeline. Now starting her second year with SmartTargeting, Jane is excited to learn more about how to optimize her tools to find even more success.

“If you are considering SmartTargeting, you need to decide if you want to be a listing agent or a buyer's agent. Do you want to build results that will benefit your brand and build a pipeline or do you want immediate one-time results? If you want to be a listing agent and build your brand in a farm, then SmartTargeting is the best product out there to help you do it. SmartTargeting helps you identify the people to go after and build a loyal clientele.”

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