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Case Study: Jay Macklin


Jay Macklin
RE/MAX Platinum Living
Scottsdale, AZ
Median Home Value: 500K


  • 6 listings and 5+ listings in play
  • Growing prospect pipeline
  • Successful sell-side marketing solution
  • Strong agent retention and recruiting tool
  • Generating a higher commission split


Jay is a broker and agent with more than 23 years of sales, marketing and management experience. In January 2013, Jay and his wife converted their brokerage, Desert Platinum Properties, to RE/MAX Platinum Living.

As a tech-savvy professional who has closed more than $150 million in sales, Jay was seeking a strategic program that would increase his listing volume and help him dominate his local market. SmartTargeting was able to provide Jay with a seller focused marketing solution that would both increase his sales and recruit top agents to his branch.


Jay M leads a highly successful and fast growing real estate firm comprised of premier professionals in the DC Ranch, North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area of Arizona. Out of 52 agents, 15 of them in his office participate in his "Buyer and Seller Lead Program." Jay charges a small monthly fee for that participation. He has a higher commission split for agents who close a transaction from a SmartTargeting lead.

Jay sends proactive mailings to his list of top SmartTargeting prospects. He sends these prospects branded SmartTargeting mailers, a real estate Newspaper, a non-branded mailer and a handwritten letter every month at a minimum. In addition to mailings, Jay uses branded online targeted ads through SmartTargeting's platform to stay top of mind in his territory. Jay works his SmartZip leads across his team and employs a highly personalized outreach strategy, including proactive outreach, video email campaigns, handwritten follow-ups and more.

Jay door knocks the homes that respond to his marketing. "I can be strategic with my mailings because I have info my competitors don't have. I first follow-up with a phone call always, then my team sends out our 'Seller Shock and Awe' package either by hand or mailed in a FedEx box." If the homeowner seems interested in selling within the next few months, someone from Jay's team will go to their home and leave a box for them. Inside the box is his bio, home staging ideas, tips to increase their selling price, a video and a flashdrive as a gift. He purposely doesn't leave a CMA because the homeowner has already seen the price range from the CMA page and there's no reason to give them something else until Jay has seen the home. "This is a strategically developed pre-sell package that has more info than they expected to get," says Jay.

“We've had great results due to persistent follow up, but it wouldn't have happened if we weren't able to identify the people most likely to sell."

Jay has been more than impressed with his SmartTargeting results. "We've had great results due to persistent follow up, but it wouldn't have happened if we weren't able to identify the people most likely to sell," says Jay. "We've sold six houses in our first eight months." Twelve months into the program, Jay's response rate is steady at 6%.

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