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Case Study: Jennifer Radcliffe


Jennifer Radcliffe

Keller Williams

Eugene, OR

Median Home Value: $296,000


  • Three in-territory listings in her first year using SmartTargeting
  • 6.3% response rate using SmartTargeting’s automated marketing
  • Added additional target market because of success in her first year with her home territory. This is allowing her to expand her team into a new geographic area


Jennifer Radcliffe’s main source of business before SmartTargeting was through her sphere of influence and past clients. Since she began as a single agent (and single female) with horses and dogs at home to take care of, she soon realized that showing homes to buyers until 9pm was not a sustainable or desirable lifestyle. When her coached challenged Jennifer to find another lead generation “leg” to stabilize her business, she decided that SmartTargeting was the right platform to help her develop a larger seller-focused business which would support her growing/expanding team. SmartTargeting is a long-term farming solution that assists real estate agents with identifying homeowners who are most likely to sell in a particular geographic area.

“Listings have always been my preferred business; I wanted a program that focused on sellers. SmartTargeting was able to do this and help me maximize my efforts, while leveraging my time. The added visibility I get in the community where I spend most of my networking efforts and marketing money is a wonderful way of rounding out a full lead gen strategy. I am going small to go big where it counts!”


Jennifer wanted to mainly focus on listings and after hearing Ben Kinney refer to SmartTargeting, she knew that she had to consider the program. SmartTargeting begins by identifying the top sellers in a geographic area; the program uses a high-tech algorithm and predictive analytics technology to determine the homeowners most likely to sell. From there, SmartTargeting’s full-scale marketing suite works to target these high-ranking prospects, while the agent personally follows up to win their business.

Jennifer is extremely involved in her community and her involvement is the main way of promoting her brand. Once she added on SmartTargeting’s marketing campaigns, she found that she was making an even bigger impact as she started to personally strengthen the bonds she had with her top-ranked marketing and seller prospects. This strong community presence, paired with the tools of SmartTargeting, has resulted in three listings in her first year. Due to this initial success, Jennifer is now in the process of partnering with another top agent and hiring an assistant to grow the company.

“The main reason I chose to use SmartTargeting was because I can still focus on my small town where I am very involved. I am an elected official, I’ve coached kids, I live here and I absolutely love my town!”


Jennifer believes each investment is a strategy to ultimately gain more business. She makes sure to work and use the tool of SmartTargeting effectively to enhance the results of her business. If a homeowner responds to her seller-targeted marketing campaigns, Jennifer follows up right away to give them an accurate, in-person evaluation of their home. To close more business, she makes sure that she is persistent while providing each prospect with clear, continued value.


Jennifer is a new agent mentor for Keller Williams. When she talks about the products she uses, she is very honest and makes sure to educate the agents she mentors on what would be the best decision for them. She can’t help but tell them about SmartTargeting and how she has already closed three listings and will be starting her second year with an additional territory! She lets them know that as they have capital to reinvest in growing their business, SmartTargeting should be a strategy they consider for the most effective farming in order to take market share!

“[With SmartTargeting, I am] so clearly targeting those who would be the most likely to list or sell in the near future. You aren’t wasting your money on people who won’t be selling their home.”

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