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Case Study: Jim Beggins


Jim Beggins
Century 21 Beggins Enterprises
St. Petersburg, Florida
Median Home Value: Approx. $386, 700


  • More than 300 responses to SmartTargeting lead capture pages
  • 12+ listings and counting among three long-term agents using the platform
  • A model that allows the broker to monitor agent farming success


Jim Beggins is a pillar in the real estate industry, with more than 40 years of experience managing Florida real estate teams and brokerages. He is the former regional owner and CEO of Century 21 South Florida, which boasted 320 franchised offices and 4,000 agents.

Now a partner with Century 21 Beggins Enterprises, Jim is still focused on offering targeted farms to his 350 agents. But he also knows that traditional farming is time-consuming and that automated data analysis is the future of the industry. He chose to implement SmartTargeting in one of his South Florida offices as a pilot program to see how smart data can streamline listing generation.


Century 21 has always relied on farming, with each agent in the company working a targeted farm. Jim believes that successful farming is reliant on gathering analytics to determine potential sellers.

“For decades, I’ve encouraged my agents to use analytics and note who’s old, who’s young, who’s upside down on their mortgage. The difference was—in the past—you had to knock on doors to find that out. Now, SmartTargeting has offered to knock on doors for us and interpret analytics to tell us who is most likely to sell. And I thought, now that’s the future.”


Jim purchased SmartTargeting territories that he then sells to agents working in his St. Pete’s Beach office. He has always believed in limiting farm areas to about 200 homes. He has found that that by working a smaller farm, agents develop a deep rapport with homeowners, who may then refer to friends outside that territory.

“Agents want larger farms because they think a bigger farm will drive in more money. But you can only get to know so many people. By focusing on a small farm, you make more real-life connections and land more business. SmartTargeting meets us in the middle by offering a larger farm with a smaller list of vetted seller prospects.”

As a broker-owner for more than four decades, Jim knows what to expect of his agents, and what he needs to offer them to succeed. Each month, Jim creates a local Property Wizard publication offering a national and local market analysis, recent Just Listed/Just Sold announcements, and general seller advice. The agents who use SmartTargeting add a call-to-action that directs sellers to branded lead capture pages, so they can track conversions and seller intent.


So far, Jim has six agents who have been using SmartTargeting for varying periods of time. In total, the team has received more than 300 responses to their mailers and marketing campaigns, and the three long-term users have landed between two and five listings each.

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