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Case Study: Karen Close


Karen Close
Century 21
Arlington, VA


  • Three listings a year, in a territory where homes are between $1-2 million
  • Increased brand recognition and consumer trust
  • A strategic listing pipeline after 30 years of referrals only


Karen Close is a standout agent in the Arlington, Virginia, area. She is the 18th most successful agent in all of Century 21, and historically her name and reputation brought her business through referrals. Three years ago, she decided to get strategic about seller leads, and she chose SmartTargeting to help drive her closer to top listing prospects.


Together with her husband, Skip, Karen decided to send mailers every other month to their high-rent district. Additionally, the Closes promote Karen’s brand through local publications and her website.

"One thing I love about SmartTargeting is that I can look at my mailer list and remove local agents, neighbors I know won’t sell, or properties we don’t want to represent. Every marketing piece we send out is strategic, and we get qualified leads as a result."

Once Karen receives a response from a SmartTargeting marketing campaign, she follows up with a high-quality video introduction via email. This email showcases her market expertise and personality while giving the respondent the ability to follow up at their own convenience.


Karen has received three listings per year as a result of SmartTargeting, in a territory where homes have a median value of $1-2 million. One lead came unexpectedly, when a military veteran specifically requested her services from the USAA.

"One local veteran was given three referrals through the USAA process, and my name wasn’t on the list. I’d been mailing to him for some time because he was identified as one of my top selling prospects, and he knew my name as a result.

"Rather than work with one of the referred agents, he followed up to see if I qualified and I got the listing. To me, that was proof that the marketing was hitting the right people and making an impact."

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