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Case Study: Karen Norvell


Karen Norvell
LV Sweet Homes Realty
Henderson, NV


  • Nine total transactions (70% of her total business) through SmartTargeting in just over one year
  • A growing referral pipeline due to her status as a community expert
  • Early success in 2015 allowed Karen to take her first vacation in 7+ years!


When Karen Norvell became a full-time agent in 2008, the Las Vegas real estate market was in a massive downturn. Karen worked with both buyers and sellers to grow her business. In 2014, she purchased an exclusive SmartTargeting territory to gain an edge over competitors working the same market area.


Karen l has always done farming, but now she focuses mostly on the 20% of homes most likely to sell in her territory. In addition to SmartTargeting postcards, Karen creates a monthly newsletter with updates on the (now booming) Vegas scene, including recent listings, housing developments, schools, roads and more. She uses this newsletter to mail or door knock to her Top 20%, and the rest of her territory. In many cases, prospects call her to thank her for the information or ask for real estate advice.

Karen loves that SmartTargeting builds her brand identity by marketing with her headshot on direct mail pieces, email, Facebook ads and online retargeting.

"Now when I go door-knocking, people recognize me! They see my ads everywhere, and don’t know about cookies or retargeting. They just think I’m a highly successful agent spending thousands on marketing."


Karen’s territory is a very tight-knit community, so in addition to the four listings she has landed via SmartTargeting, she has also garnered five referrals, all of which have turned into sales. She estimates that 70% of her business this year has been as a result of SmartTargeting. In fact, her early success in 2015 allowed Karen to go on a vacation — the first one she has taken in more than seven years!

"One of my listings was for $600,000, in an area I never would have marketed to without SmartTargeting. After that listing closed, I got their next-door neighbors as a referral.

"So far this year, 70% of my business has come from SmartTargeting or SmartTargeting referrals."

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