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Case Study: Kymber Menkiti


Kymber Menkiti
MG Residential
Keller Williams Capital Properties
Washington, DC
Median Home Value: $475,000


  • 8 listings in her 3rd year as a SmartTargeting client
  • 13.9% response rate using SmartTargeting automated marketing
  • 32 total listings since signing up with SmartTargeting


As President of Sales for MG Residential, the #1 producing team in the KWCP franchise, Kymber has built a dedicated and passionate team of real estate professionals who assist clients in meeting their real estate goals. Under Kymber’s leadership, MG Residential has assisted over 1,000 first-time homebuyers and has brokered the sale of over $1 billion in residential real estate.

With clarity of vision and dedication to transforming lives, careers, and communities through real estate, Kymber Menkiti brings unique value to the DC real estate market. Her successful leadership ability comes naturally as a business leader and mom to three boys. She leads by example with a strong work ethic, she has mentored many fellow agents and professional colleagues to reach new heights of success themselves as they grow their businesses.

Kymber has demonstrated the power of thinking big and acting small in the success of her sales team. Through a deep geographic focus, the team took over the #1 market share position in a target neighborhood after just two years, and has held that position for the past seven years. Harnessing the power of a hyper-local focus, Kymber and her team proactively engaged with the community and local businesses, and grew to understand the perspective of longtime and recent residents and consistently look for ways to add value to the community through education and events.


For the past 3 years, MG Residential has completed $100M+ in sales volume each year. This success had a lot to do with their strategic proactive efforts in georgraphic framing and they have utilized a farming solution called SmartTargeting. SmartTargeting identifies the homeowners that are most likely to list their home in a 6 -12 month period and successful agents proactively build marketing campaigns and outreach efforts for these top-ranked prospects.

MG Residential is now in their fourth year with SmartTargeting and she finds that the data-backed analytics provide valuable insight on who to focus on so her team can prospect easier while using a platform that combines big data, predictive analytics and automated marketing.

“One of my favorite things about SmartTargeting is that it provides the target list from day one. We have it right there in front of us to point us in the right direction.”

“SmartTargeting is a valuable database tool. It funnels our leads, keeps us more organized and gives us a central place to manage the leads.”


Although Kymber and her team were active with farming before using SmartTargeting, the tool has allowed them to expand their farm area and connect with more perspective sellers through this more focused approach.

The team is consistently following up with these top-ranked homeowners. Because there is value in being the first to know about what’s going on in the neighborhood, she contacts them about listings and any adjustments in price so they are well informed of the real estate trends in their neighborhood.

“SmartTargeting has enhanced our farming strategy. We love that SmartTargeting gives us insight to where to target our efforts. It has been a valuable way to reach a different audience and give an extra layer to our marketing strategy.”


Kymber had to admit she was skeptical about what SmartTargeting was going to be able to do for her business. She insisted that her team do full custom-designed cards and it wasn’t until the team’s third mailer that she finally agreed to send a SmartZip designed postcard to her farm area.

People referred to the postcard when they reached out to her, which was proof enough for her that the SmartTargeting library of tested designs was an effective way to connect with the farm area.


It’s not just marketing responses that has Kymber excited. Between automated marketing that resonates with her territory, and her team’s dedicated outreach, Kymber is averaging 10 listings a year from SmartTargeting’s seller predictions. She’s eager to continue growing that number as her team continues to take advantage of all of SmartTargeting’s features and benefits.

“We have been using SmartTargeting for just over 3 years and can attribute over 30 listings to these efforts.”

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