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Case Study: Leah Quintana


Leah Quintana


Albuquerque, NM

Median Home Value: $219,000


  • 5 closed listings in her second year using SmartTargeting
  • 2 listings coming January 2017


Leah Quintana has been a full-time real estate agent for the past 12 years and like many agents, she was working mainly off referrals and buyer leads. With a new desire focus on becoming a listing agent, Leah decided to give SmartTargeting a try. SmartTargeting is a farming solution that offers agents access to seller predictions in their area or within their database. SmartTargeting’s automated marketing and outreach technology give agents the tools they need to win more listings throughout the year. Leah’s first year was mainly focused on building her brand recognition in her predictive geographic farm.

“SmartTargeting is worth the investment. As an agent, you need to do the research to know your area, know what the regular turnover is and stick with it. Farming is long-term you must stick with it to get the immense rewards. I really do believe in SmartZip.”


SmartTargeting is a farming solution that aims to increase an agent's brand recognition and provide an agent with the knowledge of who is most likely to sell within their selected geographic area or personal database. Leah understands that SmartTargeting is predicting homeowner 6 to 12 months from the time they will be ready to list with her, so her first follow up is to introduce herself to these top prospects in some way. She will email or send them a letter depending on what information the homeowner provides her. From there, Leah gauges their interest and keeps in close contact as she determines their selling intent and tries to close their business.

Leah has been able to use SmartTargeting’s seller predictions and analytics to boost her outreach to top-ranked prospects, thereby increasing her client roster and overall earnings for the year. With her five closed SmartTargeting listings in the last year, she shared that she had her most successful year ever in 2016!

“Because of my increase in business using SmartTargeting, this year I plan to work my list even harder to gain more listings than last year. Plus, I’m looking for an assistant to help with my overall business.”


Of course, last year’s business is the past — and as a smart agent, Leah is looking to the future. She’s starting 2017 strong, as she is already in contact with two homeowners who are looking to sell in January. Since she had the predictive knowledge ahead of time, she was able to be the first agent to build a relationship with them and her hard work is already paying off. This year, Leah also plans to send more mailings to her prospects and build a strong door knocking campaign. She is also planning on hiring an assistant to assist her with her SmartTargeting account and to make sure no lead falls through the cracks.

“My marketing efforts while using SmartTargeting resulted in 5 closed listings in my second year and I have 2 listings coming in January.”

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