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Case Study: Maddy Mattson


Maddy Mattson
Coldwell Banker
Old Lyme, CT
Median Home Value: $625,700


  • Combined sales volume of $4.2 million in her first four months of active marketing
  • The ability to reach homeowners who aren’t open to door knocking
  • Income increased 300% in three years


As a listing agent in the affluent waterfront market of Old Lyme, Connecticut, Maddy Mattson is known to sell the homes no other agent can. But after nearly 20 years in the business, she was tired of casting a wide net in exchange for a few paltry leads. She chose SmartTargeting because of its unique ability to identify, track and engage top seller prospects in her area.


Homes in Old Lyme are primarily unique vacation properties, so Mattson’s mailers include local listing photos instead of stock photography. This customization, along with mailers that hit homeowners at their primary residences, help her to get the best return on investment.

Once she gets a response on her branded offer URL pages, Mattson follows up with each homeowner via email or phone call to forge a connection. She’s excited to have a prospecting system that doesn’t require her to door knock, which isn’t possible in her territory of gated communities.

"Marketing efforts are so time-intensive. With SmartTargeting, the marketing is automated and I can focus on my clients and selling homes which is what I love"


Mattson sees the results of SmartTargeting's targeted marketing campaigns and hears from prospects "you're everywhere". Maddy appreciates that the marketing is done for her so she can concentrate on working with clients and selling homes which is what she loves best. She credits SmartZip's account management team with keeping her on top of her marketing and prospecting efforts.

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