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Case Study: Rob Alvidrez


Rob Alvidrez
Aviara Real Estate
Thousand Oaks, CA


  • Three listings in his first year using SmartTargeting
  • A 33% response rate from top seller targets in his territory


As a real estate agent for nearly 30 years, Rob Alvidrez has always engaged in farming. He mailed full ZIP codes, door knocked, and tried to stay engaged with the homeowners he thought were ready to sell. But as he became more and more successful, Rob wanted a way to narrow his focus while keeping an edge on the competition. He chose SmartTargeting, an all-in-one solution that predicts the homes most likely to sell and uses automated marketing to engage these potential sellers.

"SmartZip offers a different, more effective way to farm. I’m spending my time and sending my marketing to the people who are the most motivated to sell."


SmartTargeting uses robust marketing campaigns and branded landing pages to generate qualified seller leads on Rob’s behalf, and he follows up via phone or email as soon as he can. Rob’s marketing efforts have paid off in spades — nearly 33% of his top targets have responded to his campaigns.

Even with that staggeringly high conversion rate, Rob still works to generate strong relationships with top targets who have not yet responded to his marketing. He door knocks his “Top 20%” list of most likely sellers every three to four months, and he supplements his SmartTargeting marketing with his own materials and mailers.

"SmartTargeting’s marketing and landing pages are really effective — nearly one third of my seller targets have responded to my campaigns."


In his first year using SmartTargeting, Rob has closed three listings, and he just landed another listing appointment. He’s also excited to continue conversations with other homeowners who have indicated they will sell this spring.

"I love that I’m always talking to new people, and getting new leads. If you’re doing it right, you should always have people entering your pipeline.” "

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