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Case Study: Sandra Shurling


Sandra Shurling
Broker Owner
Georgia Realty Finder
Monroe, GA
Median Home Value: $192,000


  • Four in-territory listings in her first year using SmartTargeting
  • 7.1% response rate using SmartTargeting’s automated marketing
  • Building reputation as a strong listing agent in her area
  • Added two new agents to her team to assist her with SmartTargeting leads


Sandra Shurling has been an agent for eight years, serving the greater Monroe, Georgia area. She is a retired flight attendant and has lived in a variety of home types and styles — but her background is in historic and country club housing. Armed with her deep local market knowledge and personable nature, Sandra was a successful agent but she still hadn’t been able to hone in on a geographic farm that produced regular listings. .


While she knew, farming was important, Sandra wasn’t sending out postcards because the thought of creating and mailing them seemed like a daunting task. She was looking for a product to help her market to her farm area, but wondered if blindly mailing the whole neighborhood would produce any results. That is when she found SmartTargeting. SmartTargeting uses predictive analytics to identify likely home sellers, then targets these top prospects with automated marketing materials that resonate. The result is that agents spend less money and less time while focusing on the right sellers at the right time.

“When I found out SmartTargeting made marketing to the right people so effortless, I was intrigued. I called SmartZip and was able to select the area I wanted to farm. In just a few minutes, I saw a list of top-ranked sellers in my area and from there, the SmartZip team showed me how I could use automated marketing efforts to target these top sellers with postcards and handwritten letters.”


Sandra didn’t only want to target homeowners with direct mail, she also wanted to introduce herself to likely sellers and build relationships with them. She was intrigued by how SmartTargeting would help her achieve this goal. She is actively seeking face-to-face time with the homeowners in her farm who have been predicted to sell in the next 6 to 12 months. Whether that is via door knocking or just answering curious questions, Sandra is excited to nurture and bring value to the homeowners in her farm.

“I think that SmartTargeting is so much better than any lead generation site out there. With SmartTargeting, you get better information and insights on each homeowner so you can easily build real relationships with real people.”


SmartTargeting’s marketing campaigns direct potential sellers to lead capture pages where homeowners can “raise their hand” if they’re interested in getting a home evaluation, naming a selling price to local buyers, or need tips on how to sell a home faster. In addition to using these pages to capture leads in her SmartTargeting territory, Sandra has begun advertising them to other potential sellers in unexpected ways.

“I don’t just rely on the analytics and predictions to find sellers. I also use SmartZip’s landing pages like crazy! I have the 7 Seller Tips website in my email signature, so that anyone who knows me can get free tips on how to prepare for selling — and I get a quick alert of who has requested to ‘unlock’ that offer. I love having it there to capture potential sellers who I wouldn’t otherwise target.”


Sandra loves the success she has experienced from SmartTargeting so far. She was able to bring on two new agents to help her stay organized and and to help close SmartTargeting’s predicted sellers. In her first year using the program, Sandra was able to close four listings gained multiple referrals as well. Her goal is to eventually buy SmartTargeting for all her agents.

“In my first year using SmartTargeting, I closed four listings. The first listing was for $900,000! SmartTargeting is doing a lot for me. It is helping me gain business for the future, not just today.”

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