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Case Study: Scott Newman & Scott Kabel


Scott Kabel
Broker at Newman Realty
Chicago, Illinois

Scott Newman
Principal and Managing Broker of Newman Realty
Chicago, Illinois
Median Home Value: Approx. $554,000


  • Attribute approximately $10 million worth of deals to SmartTargeting
  • 19+listings and counting


Scott Newman has over 12 years of experience as an agent, and over 7 years of experience as a broker in the Chicago area. He is a contributing blogger for NAR and was a finalist to the 2011 class of Realtor® Magazine’s 30 Under 30. He is the Principal & Managing Broker of Newman Realty, a boutique residential brokerage with 15 brokers. One of those brokers is Scott Kabel, who has been using SmartTargeting with massive success for the past two years.

Scott Kabel has 5 years of experience as an agent, and over 2 years of experience as a broker. Scott attributes 60% of his listings to SmartTargeting. Both Scott Newman and Scott Kabel noted that the smart data, analytics, and listings lead generation are what set SmartTargeting apart from other lead generation systems. With Scott Kabel’s persistent and consistent approach to using SmartTargeting, their success has been, and continues to be, phenomenal.


Newman and Kabel have always believed in the power of data analytics, and from the very beginning of their careers in real estate they have used various lead generation tools. However, no other lead generation system offered seller leads, rather than buyer leads. SmartTargeting has also allowed for ultimate customization of ads, direct mail, and lead capture websites, whereas other lead generation systems did not. Scott Kabel believes that his success with SmartTargeting, and his success in real estate, can be attributed to his follow up techniques and persistence in pursuing leads.

“We were early pioneers with social media… But we got to a point with the other systems that we were using where we could not get leads converted… the lead quality was going down, the cost was going up, the cost to convert leads was going up… So we cancelled all our other systems.” – Scott Newman


Newman purchased initially just one SmartTargeting territory, but has since seen such success that he has expanded into other territories in Chicago as well. He has always believed in the power of data analytics and online marketing, as well as social media. Newman has found that by combining SmartTargeting with Kabel’s persistent and consistent approach to lead followup, his business has grown exponentially.

“The agent that gets to clients first wins. So, that’s why you have to get to them super quick…I’ll even email my leads at 3 am if I get a notification! I take this same mentality with SmartZip. I just assume that these leads are getting pounded by other realtors, too, and I think that you have to get to them as quick as possible.” – Scott Kabel


Scott Newman has implemented SmartTargeting in his office and has many of his agents using it at the moment. Kabel’s success has been fantastic, as he attributes 60% of his business right now to SmartTargeting. The day that we spoke, Kabel had just landed yet another SmartZip listing! Newman predicts that Kabel’s business for 2016 could be as high as $12 million. Together, Scott Kabel and Scott Newman have 19 SmartZip listings (and counting!) between them.

“We made custom packets, with $5 Starbucks cards and custom letters, and all these different kinds of marketing things would go in these packets and we would give our leads a lot of information. We were relentless! We would constantly follow up with them. We believe in SmartTargeting and this type of marketing and it’s just taken off!” – Scott Newman

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