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Case Study: Sean Morrissey


Sean Morrissey

Chicagoland Realty Group Partners LLC

Aurora, IL

Median Home Value: Approx. $250,000


  • 4 closed listing using SmartTargeting
  • 10.7% response rate using SmartTargeting marketing


Sean Morrissey has been in the real estate business for 10 years with an extensive background in residential property management. He currently manages over 130 residential properties and has a team of Realtors to assist homeowners through the sale, purchase or rent process. While Sean has a robust operation, he was in search of a tool that could assist him in increasing his listing business. With SmartTargeting, he is able to boost his brand recognition and focus on building genuine client relationships.

“Knowing who is most likely to list or sell helps me start my relationships early. I can help any seller who is relocating and we can always give them the option of renting their home and managing it in-house. This allows them to not lose money on selling at the wrong time.”


Sean’s goal in purchasing SmartTargeting was to obtain more listings in the most efficient way possible. SmartTargeting’s predictive algorithms identify the homeowners who are the most likely to sell within a given farm area; the platform’s automated marketing tool sends the mailers directly to these top prospects. There are a vast amount of postcard templates Sean is able to choose from to fit his farm area. With the help of SmartTargeting, he can narrow his marketing efforts to cut costs, while building his brand with the homeowners who matter most.

“I love the concept of using the analytics to determine who to market to. The postcards are the most effective in getting contact information and determining level of interest. [Because] they are being delivered to just the top prospects, there is a huge cost savings on my marketing efforts.”


Farming is a long-term process that requires consistency and nurturing. To find success farming, you need to be committed to the process and have a plan. SmartTargeting has been able to help Sean get organized and get in front of the right homeowners to build good relationships early. He has closed four listings using SmartTargeting and understands the time and commitment that goes into smart geographic farming. Sean has become the local expert by not pushing any homeowner into selling; instead, he shows them he is there to provide value and answer any questions they may have.

"So far, I've won four listings because of SmartTargeting, and I've gotten a 10% response rate from my targeted marketing. If you prioritize SmartTargeting, you'll see increased activity and success over time."

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