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Case Study: Shannon Lindstrom


Shannon Lindstrom
Minneapolis, MN


  • Two listings and fourteen inquiries from her first two mailers
  • Ongoing discussions with other top prospects
  • A marketing program that lets her match the look of her unique urban territory


A real estate agent in Minneapolis for the last 11 years, Shannon was historically a buyers’ agent with a love for technology and lead generation tools. When she realized that she wanted to increase her commission potential by working both sellers and buyers, she added SmartTargeting to her arsenal of tech tools.


Shannon knew that her co-branding lender was already using SmartTargeting with other agent partners, so she suggested they go in on the platform together. She began sending mailers to not only her top 20% list, but also to other houses she knew may be interested in selling. Shannon describes herself as someone who is “incapable of doing just the basics.” When a respondent follows up to one of her mailers or SmartTargeting ads, she responds with an email and a customized package with messaging that relates to their home and neighborhood.

"I work an urban area with a lot of competition and varying home types — everything from gated luxury listings to condos. When I follow up, I match my verbiage to their exact home type and mention things like walkability so they know I’ve put thought into the communication."


In addition to the two listings she landed from her first two mailers, Shannon is in talks with other homeowners interested in selling in the future. Shannon often speaks with other agents about how well SmartTargeting has worked for her, and she recently added another territory in fast-growing Northeast Minneapolis to drive in even more future listings.

"In my first two months of using the program, I received fourteen inquiries and two of them turned into listings. From there, I decided to branch out into a new territory with more competition."

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