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Case Study: Culture and Collaboration

How NextHome Uses Technology to Narrow its Focus and Expand Its Brand

Providing consumers an excellent home buying and selling experience is the mission and promise that drives the NextHome brand. To accomplish this, NextHome leaders prioritize great technology, innovation, talent, and service. James Dwiggins, NextHome’s CEO, takes a deliberate and careful approach to deciding which technology solutions will best empower their members to deliver outstanding service today and long term.

In the beginning

A relatively young company, established in 2014, NextHome is led by a team of industry visionaries well versed in franchising and steeped in all sides of the real estate transaction. They built the brand determined to modernize the agent and home buyer/seller relationship. By creating a forward-looking brand identity, robust tech platform, flexible business model, and providing unprecedented agent and broker support, they were on their way to creating a unique and desirable culture for brokers, agents, and consumers.

Challenges Leading to SmartZip

The landscape was shifting more aggressively in directions causing more and more consumers to struggle to understand the value in the industry and especially in each agent and company they considered hiring. Simultaneously, a strong wave of movement between merging real estate companies and new boutique brokerages was causing the recruiting waters to become murky and confusing for both agents and recruiters. NextHome wanted a vehicle to broadcast their agents’ successes, showcase their unique and special brokerage culture, build their online presence, and provide social proof.

Solutions for more seller leads

In 2017, NextHome enhanced its proprietary technology platform with SmartZip’s SmartTargeting predictive analytics and automated marketing tools. By integrating SmartTargeting’s analytics with their in-house CRM NextHome members can predict the selling intent of every contact in their database. Bundled with email campaigns, direct mail pieces, digital ads, postcards, and other marketing materials, agents nurture these important relationships establishing trust and brand. By offering these solutions to their entire network, NextHomies (as the franchise lovingly calls its members) can focus on those who are identified as most likely to sell. Saving agents valuable marketing time frees them up to create excellent relationships with prospects and provide top-notch service.

“When vetting which tools to integrate in our single sign-on platform, we look for solutions that can empower our agents in their daily activities, freeing up more time so they can focus on providing value and building relationships,” said Dwiggins. “Scoring contacts on their likelihood to move is a strong advantage for our members, allowing them to focus their marketing dollars on the best prospects. We are thrilled with the results they are experiencing with SmartZip.”

NextHome Team Culture

Social Proof, building a brand and recruiting

With plans to grow, NextHome signed on to Reach150, SmartZip’s referral and testimonial platform, to help increase agent and franchise exposure online. Each agent is provided their own custom Reach150 page upon which they can easily collect and showcase unlimited client testimonials and recommendations. Franchise owners have a custom company page from which they send automated requests to agents, who can submit their transparent views of the brokerage, its management, culture, and more. The reviews are approved by the broker, then displayed on search engine optimized pages that can be shared with top recruits — or found organically as they search for more information about the company.

“Recruiting in today’s climate is increasingly difficult. It’s important for our brokers to be able to showcase their unique value and culture,” shared Dwiggins. “Reach150 is an easy way to tell their story.”

About NextHome

NextHome, Inc. is an independently owned national franchisor with a focus on changing the way consumers work with local agents and shop for real estate online. It owns the NextHome and Realty World Northern CA & NV franchise networks with over 465 offices and more than 3,800 members. The company closes over 20,000 transactions annually worth over $6.4B in volume. For additional information, visit

About SmartZip

SmartZip, the maker of SmartTargeting and Reach150 works with thousands of agents, brokers and enterprise clients throughout the United States to build and grow their real estate brand, reputation, agent, and client base. Offering solutions for new, repeat and referral business with direct agent access and easy integration with existing company platforms SmartZip is the ideal technology partner for individual agents to large companies seriously interested in growing their real estate business.

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