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Case Study: The Loken Group


The Loken Group

Keller Williams

Houston, TX

Median Home Value: $378,000


  • 33 In territory closings with SmartTargeting
  • SmartTargeting has provided 748% ROI


The founders of The Loken Group, Lance and Karina Loken, started their real estate business in January 2010. Before entering real estate, Lance was a C-Level executive in the oil industry. When his division was laid off because of the climate of the oil industry at that time, Karina (a successful rookie agent at the time) begged him to turn down the job offers he was getting across the nation and stay in Houston and join her in working in real estate. With his executive-level business background, Lance was able to build a strong foundation for his new real estate business. He was also keenly aware of the advantages they could have by incorporating various technology and tools into their business model. The Loken Group really runs like a business, having a specialist for each aspect from marketing to sales.


The Loken Group truly understands how to leverage each member of their team by taking advantage of their strengths. The Loken Group has a dedicated Inside Sales Agent to cultivate a lead, from the very moment a lead comes in from SmartTargeting until it becomes a listing. For The Loken Group, follow up does not end after one phone call and one email. The team is constantly trying to get in contact with their leads by keeping each lead in a proactive email and call campaign. In addition to their reactive follow up, The Loken Group has a goal of proactively door knocking and calling their prospects at least once each quarter. SmartTargeting assisted the team with knowing who to focus their efforts on to work smarter not harder. Lance mentioned that this year The Loken Group has seen an amazing 748% ROI from SmartTargeting, making SmartTargeting their #1 online lead source, accounting for 33 closings. The strong follow up and outreach efforts have allowed The Loken Group to see amazing results.

"We love SmartZip. We see a great return by using a well-rounded approach (frequent direct mail, digital ads, calls from our Inside Sales team) and following up quickly and persistently. As you can see, it’s working! SmartZip WORKS for any agent who is willing to put in the work."


The Loken Group knows the value of marketing and branding to keep top of mind with homeowners in the greater Houston area. SmartZip offers multiple lead capture sites, fully branded, that can be leveraged by the agents across all their marketing including emails, website, direct mail, social media etc. The Loken Group takes advantage of these sites, and promotes the URLs everywhere they run marketing, which helps them keep a consistent lead flow into their business. They also have a strong email nurture campaign as well as a creative print marketing that they utilize to stay top of mind with the homeowners in their farm area. The Loken Group has a designer who creates marketing collateral- anything from postcards to door hangers- which they use as additional marketing material to send to homeowners in their farm area.

"We use our URLs everywhere from our blog to our website, and our ROI numbers are insane. We also run additional Facebook and Google PPC ad campaigns, advertising the site to areas outside of our territory to get more bang for our buck.”


Success does not happen overnight, and it doesn’t just fall into your lap without hard work. The Loken Group has been able to grow and learn each step of the way, becoming a bigger team and creating new strategies as they moved along. They have been able to fit SmartTargeting into their current platform to increase their success. The team has been able to utilize the SmartTargeting data to stay focused and know who they should be getting in contact with. With their additional marketing and proactive efforts, they have been able to leverage SmartTargeting to increase the number of listings they close. Going into their 3rd year with SmartTargeting will be an exciting and rewarding time for the Loken Group since they have built a strong foundation to continue their impressive business growth.

"If you purchase SmartTargeting you need to understand it’s going to take time and money. It is an investment of time; you are not going to see results right away. You need to take the time to nurture the leads. According to Boston Logic, the average cultivation time from the moment you receive a lead until the transaction is 422 days. It’s important to have realistic expectations. This isn’t a list of people who are going to list today."



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