March 02

5 Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Farming Postcards

Direct mail is an incredibly effective way to reach new clients. Although many homeowners spend significant amounts of time online, traditional tactics like mailers and flyers still produce results. However, tactics that work well also tend to be highly competitive. Everyone wants to use the marketing channels that are reaching their target audience!  

The competitiveness of direct mail can mean that your message gets lost in the clutter or tossed in the trash because it looks like junk mail. 

How do you stand out?  

Depending on your marketing strategy, you might be competing against other realtors, or simply trying to create contacts in a new real estate farming territory. Differentiated, effective messaging and design can help potential clients pay more attention to your outreach efforts.  

In this article, we’ll show you 5 ways to stand out from the crowd, connect with your target audience, and receive a real response from interested prospects. With the right messaging, design, and campaign consistency, direct mail can become one of your top marketing channels this year! 

Tip 1: Be Consistent with Timing 

For direct mail, consistency is arguably more important than design. However, understanding how often to send direct mail is key for success. This is true for many reasons, including: 

Prospects might not see the first few mail pieces if their spouse or children throw them away. 

Your prospect might not be ready to take action, even though the messaging resonated. 

You’ve nailed the messaging, design, and timing, but the prospect is hesitant to reach out and needs to be prompted further.  

Many companies will try direct mail for a month or two and throw in the towel when results don’t magically appear. Research shows that people usually need to be exposed to a brand 7-8 times before making a decision. 

Tip 2: Use Persuasive Messaging 

Get personal 

If you’re using high-quality data for marketing campaigns then you should have each homeowner’s first and last name. Make sure your direct mailers use each prospect’s first name as it will feel more meaningful and personal.  

Image Credit: Midwest Direct 

Ask better questions, get better answers 

Prompt your prospects to ask themselves an important question, like in the example below:  

Image Credit: SmartZip 

Realtors should use specific, provocative questions like the following: 

  • Do you know what your home is worth? 
  • Curious how your home value has changed? 
  • Want to get more money for your home? 
  • Are you thinking about moving? 
  • Wondering how to get the highest sale price out of your home when moving? 

Connect your question to a direct call-to-action that will help them take an easy, low-pressure next step. 

Relate to prospects 

Speak directly to your prospects about what’s happening in their town or neighborhood and don’t be afraid to reference seasons, holidays, etc. Relating to your prospect’s situation will help build a more authentic, genuine connection. This is particularly effective if you’re able to target your message to a major change in your prospect’s life or reference a recent listing in the neighborhood that sold for a competitive asking price.  

Image Credit: SmartZip 

Be direct, simple, and clear 

Get right to the point, and don’t overcomplicate the messaging. Focus on a single, value-added message that’s most likely to capture the prospect’s attention. In the example below, the realtor has identified exactly what the prospect needs to do and asks a direct question: 

Image Credit: SmartZip 

Tip 3: Have an Irresistible Offer 

One of the biggest challenges with direct mail marketing is fitting your images, copy, logo, and other content in a relatively small printing area. It can be hard to communicate in only a few sentences what makes you different, why prospects should care, and what they should do next. 

A high-value offer is key for grabbing a prospect’s attention and getting the desired response (e.g., phone call, web form submission, direct email, etc.). Some of the most effective offers for real estate direct mail include: 

  • Free home valuation. 
  • Learn how to buy your first home. 

Image Credit: SmartZip 

Some prospects could be more likely to respond to monetary incentives, including: 

  • Covering the cost of a home inspection. 
  • Gift cards. 
  • Lower fees. 
  • Assistance with home staging. 

Tip 4: Vary the Size, Shape, and Style of Direct Mail Pieces 

Prospects might start tuning out your message if they don’t respond to campaigns over several months. Changing the appearance of direct mail pieces can help drive home your messaging, and prospects will likely take notice. Altering the color, dimensions (alternate postcard sizing or letters), messaging, and overall style of the direct mailer will help it stand out from competitors and prior campaigns.  

While these direct mail pieces sometimes cost more than regular postcards or flyers, the ROI can be enormous when measured against the number of new leads generated.  

Tip 5: Try A/B Testing 

A/B testing might sound complicated but it’s a popular and fairly simple marketing concept. Companies use A/B testing to find which version of an ad, copy, image, video, or another piece of content will perform best when used to target a similar audience.  

For example, if you have a list of 500 homeowners, you can target half of the list with one version of a postcard and the remaining 250 recipients with an alternate version. As long as you have a good way of measuring their response rate, you should be able to conclusively determine which version works better. This will help you put more marketing budget behind the most effective direct mail piece.   

Bonus Tip: Let Us Do the Hard Work for You 

Smart Targeting is the easiest way to design, schedule, and send real estate direct mail postcards. Build the perfect mailer in just a few clicks, then set up automated, recurring campaigns to stay in front of leads throughout the year. Our online platform allows you to seamlessly select a precise recipient list. Plus, you can send leads cultivated through direct mail and online ads directly to branded landing pages – all in one tool.  

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