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Smart Data powers more than you think.

Smart Data is used not only to predict future transactions, but can also be used to generate useful information like valuations of homes, rental rates and key data elements.

Yes, in both instances. When the market is this robust, even areas that might have previously been classified as fringe are showing big sales numbers. Distressed properties have gone mainstream, and off-market real estate is worth the extra leg work. SmartZip excels in both areas.
SmartZip is ready to take many of the headaches that go with probate properties out of the equation. Having to wait out a probate case is no longer as time consuming as it once was and keeping everything on one platform could help turn probate situations into investment properties in no time.
SmartZip's Smart Data application accounts for the ins and outs of income properties. It can factor in real-time housing valuations and rental rates for any vacant property, SmartZip's predictive analytics can show how much money could be available for absentee owners