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Smart Data powers more than you think.

Smart Data is used not only to predict future transactions, but can also be used to generate useful information like valuations of homes, rental rates and key data elements.

One of the hottest topics in the real estate world is investment properties. Many people want their money to work harder for them and one of those ways is to rehab vacant property. All around the United States there are thousands of distressed properties that are great opportunities for investors. Buying low and selling high is a fundamental good business practice and it certainly applies to the real estate industry. The lowest priced real estate in most areas will probably be vacant homes and businesses that will need further investment. Once that work is put in, the owners can rent it out as an income property. Being an absentee landlord is a great way of making your investment work even harder for you. Distressed properties are only one kind of potential real estate investment. The real estate market is still red hot in America so everyone is looking for tips to get an edge. Real estate professionals will tell people that they need to look in two other areas if they want to make an income from being absentee owners. The first place many real estate professionals will tell investors to look for property is in the off-market real estate space. These are the kinds of properties that are for sale, but they aren't published online or listed in traditional real estate publications. People who are selling this way often are selling in a competitive market and don't want to be inundated with offers. Off-market is a great way to find all kinds of property, but it requires a lot of leg work by realtors. Anyone thinking about investing in these kinds of properties should have patience, but that patience could be rewarded with a great deal. Another top tip from real estate professionals is to look for properties that are in probate. That means the previous owner has passed away and there is either no next of kin or their family is trying to sell off their property. Investors can get great deals with probate properties but there can be risks. Sometimes in probate cases, there isn't a will left by the deceased or the will might be contested by other family members. Potential investors need to do their homework before pursuing a property that might be in this situation. Distressed, off-market, and probate properties are all great areas for investors to expand their real estate profiles.
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