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This plan outlines the vision, goals, basic financial plan, specific tactics, and other planning decisions that will guide your investments, efforts, and overall strategy for growth.

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This form outlines the phone script & questions that will prepare you for your clients listing appointment.

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This guide provides tips and insights on why farming will help grow your business and what you need to consider and evaluate when building your farm.

Proven Listing Success

Customer success is our priority. With thousands of agents on our platform we strive to provide best-of-class service and get qualified seller leads for our customers.

Save time by focusing only on predicted sellers

When you have data-backed listing predictions, you can concentrate on the people who matter most. With SmartTargeting, your "farm" isn't just a ZIP code. It's a narrowed list of the best realtor leads of homeowners most likely to sell.

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Smart Farming drives Quality Leads

A list of potential real estate leads for new agents isn't enough. Only 5% of Homeowners are thinking of selling at any point in time. Make sure your brand is in front of them constantly so you can win listings.

Build a consistent brand, automatically

Traditional farming is time-consuming, and most agents can't keep up. With SmartTargeting, you can schedule automated, consistent marketing to your top prospects in just a few clicks. Never again waste time at the printer, the post office, or exporting that dreaded contact list.


Fill your pipeline with qualified seller leads

What if you could speak with potential sellers even before your competitors know they're ready to list? With SmartTargeting, you can. Leverage seller-centric branded offers to capture the right homeowner's attention (and contact information) at the right time.


Start each day with a plan for follow up

Follow up is hard and it's easy to miss the right time to connect. The CheckIn app gives a daily action plan and lead alerts so you can focus on the homeowners who deserve the most attention. Plus, each recommended action comes with deep insights on the contact so you can always talk in context.

Why SmartZip is #1 in Smart Farming

Thousands of agents use Smartzip to generate listings by leveraging our direct mail and online ads driven by Smart Data.

Who is Smartzip?

SmartZip is the top lead generation real estate resource for realtors looking for quality home seller leads. Through a combination of predictive algorithms, data analytics and automated marketing, SmartZip makes it easy to find and win seller leads for realtors

Automate your Farming

While any realtor can look up real estate leads for sale, our SmartTargeting platform targets quality leads that are most likely to sell, and soon. Save time by pursuing only serious home sellers with the help of our automated marketing and follow-up tools.

Build your Brand

Our platform is designed to make everything that goes into your real estate farming- from branding and marketing to building relationships and closing deals- seamless and efficient. Wasted time is wasted opportunity, so save on both by signing up for a demo today to find out how SmartZip's comprehensive tools can help you.

Now's the Time to Buy Real Estate Leads

All real estate agents know that time is money, so why would you waste time trying to pursue unqualified leads? SmartZip uses predictive algorithms and data analytics to provide you with qualified leads of motivated home sellers in your territory. Get the scoop on potential home sellers before your competition, then follow up with your seller leads using our SmartTargeting platform and our automated marketing and follow-up tools.

Get the Edge Over Your Competition with our Full Suite of Tools

SmartZip offers more than just a cut and dry real estate lead list. Our predictive algorithm provides you with a dynamic, ever-growing list of motivated sellers in your territory. This type of smart farming allows you to target sellers who aren't even on the radar of your competition. What's more, our suite of automated marketing and follow up tools do the work for you, allowing you to schedule follow-ups, email blasts, marketing campaigns, and more to nurture your leads.

Voted Top Listing Leads Provider

Voted Best Lead Generation by Inman and The Close. Smartzip has provided high quality listing leads to real estate agents for over 10 years and consistently used by top teams and brokers to enhance direct mail and online campaigns.

Buying listing leads when farming in real estate is the best way to set your business up for success. Listing leads can be hard to come by so purchasing a list for your area will save you time and money. You will simply need to treat these leads as “seeds” and make sure you are consistently staying top of mind with marketing to turn these “seeds” into “trees”.
The best way to find leads in real estate is on online. Those looking to find the most quality leads for real estate agents can benefit from
SmartZip is only interested in providing the best real estate seller leads. You won't find unqualified leads here. We only sell qualified seller leads for properties that are ready to move, now. You can be confident in closing when you buy leads from SmartZip.
For new agents, you might have to spend a little money to make a lot of money. It can be hard to get real estate leads if you aren't connected. That's where SmartZip comes in. We can generate a quality real estate lead list just for you and your area. Partnering with us levels the playing field.
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Even though we spend a lot of time analyzing data and building new apps, we know the reason we exist is to service our customers.

“Recruiting is increasingly difficult. Reach150 is an easy way to tell their story.”

Real Estate Agent Customer Testimonial Lead Generation
James Dwiggins
CEO, NextHome

“Recruiting is the top goal for sales leaders. Reach150 helps us, help them.”

Real Estate Agent Customer Testimonial Lead Generation
Susan Patt
BHHS Fox & Roach

“Together, we have 19 SmartZip listings! It's a key piece of our continued success. ”

Real Estate Agent Customer Testimonial Lead Generation
Scott Newman & Scott Kabel
Newman Realty

“38 closed listings in her second year. The best listing generation program I have ever used.”

Real Estate Agent Customer Testimonial Lead Generation
Dana Hall-Bradley
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Fine Living

“The SmartTargeting program is the most profitable program I am working with right now”

Real Estate Agent Customer Testimonial Lead Generation
Steve Johnstone
Keller Williams Infinity

“After three years actively using the program, Maddy tripled her income.

Real Estate Agent Customer Testimonial Lead Generation
Maddy Mattson
Coldwell Banker

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

SmartZip does more than provide listing leads for realtors. We use predictive analytics and big data to uncover qualified seller leads for homeowners who actually want to sell. With SmartTargeting, farming in real estate goes beyond zip code leads for real estate agents to target a narrow list of homeowners in your territory that are most likely to sell and automatically marketing your brand directly to these prospects. SmartZip's easy-to-use targeting, analysis and branding platforms allow you to market yourself to your target audience, contact and connect with only the most likely of prospects, and streamline your farming with automated listing leads, marketing, and follow-ups so you are always interacting with potential sellers and ready to win listings.