October 12

Top Reasons Homeowners Are Selling Their Houses Right Now

See below for the top reasons homeowners are looking to sell & make sure that you've done your research and are ready for these conversations with your clients!

Want to relocate to be near loved ones

  • The number one reason why homeowners are selling their houses right now is that they want to relocate near family members or friends. This can include children attending college away from home, adult children living somewhere else after graduating college and starting careers, or parents that have become ill and need assistance with daily tasks such as cooking or cleaning up after themselves for them not only to live independently but also enjoy life again. 

Desire a home with less maintenance

  • Older homes require more repairs.

  • Homes with larger properties can be a hassle for yard upkeep. 

  • Living in an area prone to flooding, hurricanes, or wildfires can increase your spending on landscaping and home repairs as well.

Vacant Homeowners

  • 7.8% of homes are vacant & with maintenance expenses, inflation, etc. these homeowners are looking to sell more than ever.

No longer need to live close to work due to remote options or retirement

  • With remote work or retirement comes the flexibility of lifestyle changes. 

Need a home office

  • A home office can be a great way to save money and gain more productivity.
  • Employers might even pay for the space in exchange for some extra work hours, etc.

Home no longer meets their needs

  • The home is too small for their needs.

  • The home has too many stairs to climb.

  • The home is too far from work, where the homeowner works full-time and doesn't want to commute each day.

  • The family has grown or shrunk since they last owned this house, so it no longer meets their needs in terms of space or storage requirements.

Would like different amenities

  • Amenities can include a pool, hot tub, tennis court, or another recreation area. The cost of amenities can be expensive to maintain but are often a selling point when it comes time to move on.

Financial Gain

  • With the increase in the cost of purchasing a home, this may be the perfect time to sell and make an incredible profit on the property.