July 18

What Are Automated Valuation Landing Pages?

Automated Valuation Landing Pages are a unique type of landing page that includes the home valuation tool.

The home valuation tool allows you to provide an estimate of your property's value without having to submit any personal information at first. This makes it easier for people who are not interested in receiving more information about your services right now but still want a general idea of what their home may be worth.

When a visitor lands on this type of landing page and clicks through, they will be taken directly into the Home Value Estimate form where they can enter their address information and click "Submit." At this point, the data entered into the form will automatically be sent back to you via email so that you can review it before sending them additional content or contacting them directly at any time later on (assuming those are things that interest them).

An automated valuation landing page has several benefits over other types:

  • It allows potential customers who don't want more info right away but still need an estimate for comparison purposes to access it quickly and easily by entering only basic info about themselves (address) instead of having long forms with lots of questions that might turn them away altogether

  • It saves time because there's no need for manual labor involved anywhere along this process

  • It keeps people on your page! Keep users and leads to yourself, prevent them from leaving your site to go to big portals, and then you have to pay for that same lead, and share it with 5 other agents!

  • Having off-market property pages with AVMs expands your site’s content, and drives more traffic to any homeowner who is interested in keeping up with their home value and comps. Gain credibility through data.

  • Lead generation! Adding home valuation landing pages to your website adds a seller lead component to your buyer-focused website.

Home valuation landing pages get you leads and help you market your business at the same time.

Automated valuation landing pages are the best way to increase your lead generation and brand awareness. They help you market your business while increasing traffic to your website, conversion rates, sales, customer satisfaction, social media engagement, and search engine rankings.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, automated valuation landing pages can also increase ROI and brand loyalty by allowing users to schedule follow-ups with you in exchange for a free estimate.


Automated Valuation Landing Pages are a unique type of landing page that includes the home valuation tool for prospects. This allows you to not only get leads but also market your business at the same time & bring value to your clients.