April 20

How to Successfully Door Knock for Real Estate In 2021


You probably did a double-take when you saw the title of this article. Yes, door knocking still exists (and works!) in the 21st century. It causes anxiety in some people, both the prospective client and the real estate agent. Nevertheless, it is one of the most persistent and personal real estate advertising types.  


Why Do Real Estate Agents Stay Away From Real Estate Door Knocking? 


Still, a great go-to real estate strategy is the door knocking strategy. You may get your results right away.  

You knock at the door. Then, the homeowner opens the door and greets you with whatever mood and interest level that he has at the given moment. You cannot get this result when you are online. It may take days or even months for you to know if you have, indeed, been connecting to more people.  

The problem with this method, however, is that you need to connect physically. This is challenging on every level. You may have to deal with rudeness sometimes, with the door slammed on your face. Some people just think of door-knocking salesmen as pests instead of opportunities to get a good deal.  

While you cannot control how people react to you, you can at least manage your own way of dealing with things. Here are some ways you can find success in real estate door-knocking this year and beyond.  


1. Fix Your Game Face And Your Attitude  



How you look when you are doing your rounds will affect how other people react to you. Some people will still be rude to you, no matter how much you smile. However, at least it is not you who looks like you are about to pick a fight.  

Make sure you have a positive attitude. If you are an introvert who is just trying to make a living, you can psyche yourself. Just think about visiting a friend you must see so that you can pass on the good news.  


2. Have Specific Real Estate Door Knocking Scripts Ready  



Preparing door-knocking scripts can take away the possibility of dead air while chatting up your potential customer.  

What does such a script entail?  

Well, it starts with your intro once they answer the door. It is usually in the form of a question to give your potential client a chance to respond. You must be able to catch their attention with that very first line – or else that door is going to slam or even politely close.  

After you got a firm “no,” you may have to leave your door hangers and brochures. You don’t want to be seen as invasive.  

However, if you hear a “yes” or see a glint of interest, you can start talking about your event or whatever it is you are trying to promote (new units, discounted properties, open houses, etc.) Of course, do not forget to introduce yourself and whatever real estate agency you are working for. Be ready to answer questions. After all, isn’t that what you want to happen? You need signs of engagement.  


3. Prepare Your Door Hangers And Brochure


Real estate door knocking should come complete with various advertising paraphernalia. Door hangers can be left by the door or given to some accommodating potential clients.  

A door hanger is helpful because it is the perfect giveaway from a door-knocking salesman. It is also great for quick little information such as an invitation to an open house. The size is just right for an invitation.  

Nevertheless, do not forget to bring brochures, if the door opens and your potential client wants more quick information that he can keep with him for when he is ready.  


4. Bring Along Some Treats As A Reward For Listening  



Invest in some goodies that you can give your potential clients if they took the time to listen. Don’t bring just about anything. Pick some small gift that come from within the area where your property listings are. This way, they can have a taste of that place. 

Sealed goodies are best, especially since some prospective buyers may not take food items from strangers. Your name, picture, social media, and contact details (such as a business card or sticker) should be attached to these treats. Another treat that you can offer your possible clients is referral rates if they can pass on the information to people they know who need a home.  


5. Create A Traditional Combo By Combining Door Knocking With An Event 



Door knocking should be a means to an end. It should not just be done just because you feel you need to introduce yourself. That is only part of the equation. You must also find a way to direct these prospective clients to something tangible, such as an open house date or a unit launch. 

If these things are not part of your itinerary, you can at least provide the option of having interested clients schedule a site trip with you.  


6. Do Not Attempt To Close The Deal Right At The Door  



It is tempting to try to hard-sell your listings right there at the door. However, remember that you are right there in front of a potential client’s home. They may feel very vulnerable in their own home with a stranger attempting to lengthen the conversation at every turn.  

Do not badger a prospective client. You want them to see that you are willing to adjust to their schedule and readiness. When they know that they have nothing to fear from door-knocking salesmen like you, they may be more welcoming and willing to contemplate your offer.  


7. Time The Rounds Right 



What if you do go door to door and do not even catch people at their homes? Then, you don’t get any new leads. The best time to door-knock is on weekdays from about 8 am to 11 am. This is your chance to get hold of retirees or entrepreneurs who are getting ready to leave their homes. 

If your target is the 9 to 5 workers, you may have to spend more hours doing your rounds on Saturdays.  


8. Prepare Your Door Knocking Route 




Its always a good idea to prepare ahead of time before you start your door knocking for the day. This way you can bring the appreciate amount of items to hand out and plan your day accordingly. If you live close by to the area you are planning to door knock, you can become flexible with the amount of homes you visit. Do you want to knock 5 homes, 10 homes, 20 homes, 50 homes today? Great, go for it. 

If you are planning to door knock in a neighborhood that's father from where you live or work, then we highly recocomend planning in advance and knocking more homes, around 20 or 30 to start. 

Some tools to help prepare you for your route:

Google My Maps paired with Homeowner Data from - My Maps allows you to import a CSV file of leads to visually view on a map. This is extremely helpful if you have a specific people you would like to target. We importing property data from a predictive analytics lead generation company such as to generate the best results. 

SPOTIO - #1 Door-To-Door Sales Tracking App - An easy to use , comprehensive app that allows you to keep track of all of the homes you've knocked. 



Door-knocking may seem like a quaint practice, but it works. It helps you get more acquainted and build relationships with your neighbors homes. Some may even appreciate how you are willing to go the extra mile. With this personalized and personable strategy, you establish yourself as a real estate agent who will be more inclined to assist your clients every step of the way.