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"I'm in my first 45 days and I've already gotten 3 listing leads and am writing an offer for my buyer on a house that was going to be listing in 3 weeks with another agent! They are letting me bring my buyers' great offer without ever putting the house out there on the market. That's huge in my area, where we are often in multiple offer situations. The training has been phenomenal. I've spent money on other real estate products and as soon as the sale is closed on my own to learn and implement. Not the case with SmartZip! They've followed up with me and made sure that I'm good to go. I sooo appreciate that! There's also lots of tutorials available to learn the many optional tools they offer. I couldn't be happier, and I'm just getting rolling!"

"We've been with SmartZip for over two years. Since month six we've had a steady stream of leads that have converted to sales. Actively following up on our top prospects and marketing respondents with emails and phone calls has been a great way to open the conversation without the prospect feeling like it's a cold call."

"SmartTargeting is worth the investment. As an agent, you need to do the research to know your area, know what the regular turnover is and stick with it. Farming is long-term you must stick with it to get the immense rewards. I really do believe in SmartZip."

"We talk a lot about the marketing and how easy it is to set up. We love the selection of postcards and what a positive effect it has had on our homeowners."

"I would definitely recommend SmartTargeting to any agent who asks me about it. If you are truly focusing on listings you need to narrow your focus to ensure your money is well spent. SmartTargeting�s suite of prospecting tools helps agents market smarter as long as they are proactive and use the tools."

"I think that SmartTargeting is so much better than any lead generation site out there. With SmartTargeting, you get better information and insights on each homeowner so you can easily build real relationships with real people."

"Smartzip has been an amazing tool for my business. It's nice to know who in my target area has a higher likelihood to list. Our Door knocking campaigns are more effective when we can quickly go through a neighborhood and hit the top 20 homes instead of spending hours upon hours hitting hundreds of them. "

Ryan HansenTeam Leader The Perfect Home powered by Five Doors

"Smart Zip is a great program and so much to explore in the system. "

Jerry Guhl Realtor

"There's absolutely no question that "Big Data," Predictive Analytics, and supporting application technology is the way of the future. But the future is NOW! SmartZip has developed an outstanding platform supporting this technology. Let me tell you, it's effective. My firm has had wonderful results. Do it."

Jeff GordonBroker/Owner, EXIT Assurance Realty - Groton, MA
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