Land more listings with big data and predictive marketing

An all-in-one listings solution you’ll love

SmartTargeting is the leading real estate marketing solution that grows your listings pipeline. Through one easy platform you can customize a high-commission territory, market to potential sellers and build relationships to convert top prospects into customers.

Save time by focusing only on predicted sellers

When you have data-backed listing predictions, you can concentrate on the people who matter most. With SmartTargeting, your "farm" isn’t just a ZIP code. It’s a narrowed list of the homeowners most likely to sell.

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Build a brand consistently, and automatically

Traditional farming is time-consuming, and most agents can’t keep up. With SmartTargeting, you can schedule automated, consistent marketing to your top prospects in just a few clicks. Never again waste time at the printer, the post office, or exporting that dreaded contact list.

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Create a brand without hiring a design team

Instead of hiring a designer to create your marketing, find the right style and tone in SmartTargeting’s robust library of mailers and ads. Whether your focus is luxury properties, homes in the Southwest, Northeast or somewhere in between, we have design and copy to match.

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Fill your pipeline with qualified seller leads

What if you could speak with potential sellers even before your competitors know they’re ready to list? With SmartTargeting, you can. Leverage seller-centric branded offers to capture the right homeowner’s attention (and contact information) at the right time.

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Start each day with a plan for strategic follow up

Follow up is hard and it’s easy to miss the right time to connect. The CheckIn app gives a daily action plan and lead alerts so you can focus on the homeowners who deserve the most attention. Plus, each recommended action comes with deep insights on the contact so you can always talk in context.

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Stay sharp, and get the help you need

True client support never starts with a 1-800 number. When you join SmartTargeting, you have a direct line to our account management team, who can provide marketing help, predictions support or Monday motivation. Plus, we offer webinars from industry experts so you stay up-to-date on the best ways to win listings and grow your business.

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Since 2009, SmartTargeting has helped thousands of agents, teams and brokers increase their volume of real estate listings, grow their teams, business, and build a stronger brand in their market area.

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