Never miss a chance to CheckIn

Leverage a smart CRM to build relationships and close more deals

Close the deal using a smart CRM

It's time to simplify your outreach and lead management. Whether you're following up from your desk or on the go, our smart CRM technology lets you schedule, perform and log your follow up activities in mere seconds.

Need a way to stay focused? Drown out distractions by using CheckIn, a smart, mobile CRM app that powers your outreach. Follow daily actions and use deep insights to CheckIn with ease — even when you're busy.

Focus on your follow up

With CheckIn, you can follow up how you feel most comfortable -- and still make a big impact with your prospects and leads.

CheckIn with potential sellers by:

  • Calling or emailing
  • Door knocking or door dropping
  • Hosting an event

CheckIn acts as a smart CRM behind the scenes, automatically logging every interaction and sync-ing it with SmartTargeting.

Don't feel like calling today?

That’s fine! Schedule a future CheckIn for any prospect or lead, any time.

Follow a daily action board

Never again wonder who you should follow up with first, and what you should say.

Your daily action board prioritizes your action items and reminds you to:

  • Follow up on pre-scheduled actions from the past
  • Focus on high-priority follow-ups for hot prospects and leads

Know what might be leading a homeowner to sell. Review insights about each prospect, including:

  • Photos, videos and notes from past interactions
  • Past marketing campaigns your contact responded to
  • Declared or predicted selling intent

Track your progress

CheckIn is a snapshot of SmartTargeting, focused just on engagement with your top prospects. Tap through dashboards to see which efforts are paying off and what you need to spend more time on.

Interactive dashboards keep you motivated by showing:

  • Your daily CheckIn progress
  • Your overall follow-up rate and frequency in your farm
  • Marketing response rates
  • Territory turnover rates

CheckIn features you’ll love

Smart, flexible CRM

Leverage our revolutionary CRM to schedule and track actions for each contact based on their selling intent.

CheckIn with top prospects

Use CheckIn to follow up via call, email, door knocking and more. Log each interaction by uploading a photo, video upload or text memo.

Daily action board

Drown out the noise and follow your daily action board to stay organized and on track with top prospects and inbound leads.

Lead alerts

Get inbound lead notifications so you can CheckIn now, or schedule a future follow-up plan without leaving the app.

Check Listing Predictions in Your Area

Identify homeowners most likely to sell and generate qualified seller leads with SmartTargeting.