SmartZip Outreach

Lead qualification and call service to your top listing prospects.

"SmartZip Outreach has been a fantastic new feature to put in my tool belt. It has been amazing to see that the inside sales agent callers could generate five times as many leads when working from a list of predicted sellers instead of my whole database. It’s saving me a ton of time, and it saves me a lot of money. It is early in my campaign and I have already been able to secure a listing. I am very happy!"

Leah Quintana, RE/MAX

Convert leads to listings faster

Agents using SmartZip Outreach have been earning, on average, 1 qualified and vetted listing lead for every 20 calls!

Why use Outreach?

  • Takes the burden off for rapid lead response
  • Filters out lower qualified listing candidates
  • Sends vetted and qualified leads quickly to you
  • Increases your conversion rates and listings success

Get seller leads on a silver platter

Outreach is the easiest way to qualify real estate leads


Leverage a team of inside sales agents who call to verify the listing intentions of top-predicted sellers in your geographic farm or sphere.


When a homeowner confirms they are ready to sell, the inside sales agent will instantly connect you so you can be the first agent to win a listing presentation.


If homeowners indicate they may be preparing to sell, the inside sales agent will keep in touch until they’re ready to speak with you about listing their home.

Connect With Your Leads Faster

Save time and money with the industry's best call service. Leverage our inside sales experts to get you in front of the most qualified leads.