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Case Study: Barbara Carter


Barbara Carter
Century 21
New Paltz, New York
Median Home Value: $226,000


  • 10 listings in her 1st year using SmartTargeting


Barbara Carter, was awarded the 2015 Quality Service Pinnacle Producer Award, she greatly values herself in always providing 5-star service to her clients at all times. Having more time to actually spend with her clients was the main motive for purchasing SmartTargeting. Being a small town native, Barbara has been farming her town even before purchasing SmartTargeting. Before SmartTargeting, Barbara was spending most of her time preparing and sending out mailer to homeowners in her farm; an extremely time consuming task. This forced her to limit her time with her clients, which was not her ideal solution.

“I want to ensure that my clients feel that they are the MOST important part of the transaction. I work hard to ensure I am always providing 5-star service for my clients.”

She first heard about SmartTargeting from a promotion Century 21 was having and has loved how SmartTargeting has guided her toward the right people to focus on in her farm while allowing her to have more time to build close relationships with everyone in her farm. Since SmartTargeting has been able to automate her mailer outreach, saving her both time and money Barbara has been a strong advocate of SmartTargeting. Barbara has also been able to improve the way she markets to her farm area. SmartTargeting does all the work by identifying who the mailer will go to, all Barbara has to do each month is select the template from the large catalog provided, making it easier for her to focus on her prospects.


SmartTargeting has helped Barbara become more efficient with her limited time. SmartTargeting has an automated marketing platform, which easily allows Barbara to schedule her mailings and online ads and know they are running consistently at all times. She is able to select from a vast library of choices to find the right message and design for her specific farm area. The automation makes it so much easier to keep her brand top of mind in her farm. SmartTargeting reminds Barbara each time she needs to select a new postcard template making sure she never misses a deadline. With so much variety, Barbara is always able to find the perfect card for her farm. SmartTargeting has been able to help Barbara work smarter not harder and allow her to use her valuable time assisting her clients.

“I love that SmartTargeting is so easy to learn and use. It is an expensive product, but it has proven to be worth every penny. This is the perfect product for anyone who is interested in becoming a listing agent. SmartTargeting assists with giving you and your brand a presence in your farm.”


The SmartTargeting data and marketing paired with Barbara’s immense involvement in the community has built the path for her success. Barbara has seen amazing results since implementing SmartTargeting to her business. Barbara was able to close 10 listings in her first year with SmartTargeting. Well on her way to starting her second year with the program her success will inevitably grow even more over time, as she continues to identify more and more top listings prospects and grow a strong referral base in her farm. Barbara truly is the go to person for the homeowners in her community, getting recognized even when she goes to the grocery store! Her caring and inviting nature really allows people to feel comfortable working with her.

“I follow my clients lead, I’m not pushy and I think that is why SmartTargeting fits with my marketing platform. SmartTargeting helps me nurture clients until they are ready to list.”

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