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Case Study: Dar Walden


Dar Walden
Keller Williams Realty
Anchorage, AK
Median Home Value: $385,000


  • 11 In-Territory Closed Transactions Using SmartTargeting
  • 20.8% Cumulative Response Rate Using SmartTargeting’s Automated Marketing


Dar Walden comes from a strong marketing background and has been in real estate for more than 17 years. In 2014 she was looking for company to start a new marketing campaign. When she discovered SmartTargeting, she decided that having Smart Data on her side would benefit her marketing efforts and be a smarter way to spend her money.

SmartTargeting is a long-term farming solution that helps agents build their brand and focus on the homeowners who are most likely to sell. Dar started SmartTargeting with the intention of sticking with the program for a minimum of three years, she is now in her fifth year and is glad that she started to farm with predictive analytics. By having the predictive analytics tee up her top local selling prospects Dar can focus on the contacts most likely to maximize her return on investment.

“Before you start SmartTargeting, you need to understand it’s a long-term program, and you need to be prepared to nurture each lead long term.”


SmartTargeting provides an agent with lead nurture campaigns that drive homeowners to lead capture landing pages. Additional the platform offers lead calling service, sphere marketing, a mobile checkin app, referral and testimonial management. Homeowners who convert on these pages will receive a monthly report with home values and local housing trends, as well as an 8-week drip campaign offering seller guidance. This helps to market an agent's brand to the homeowners who have shown interesting in selling their home. Dar and her team take advantage of the automated email marketing and take note of what emails a homeowner has opened to see how they can provide extra value.

“SmartTargeting gives me so much information! I like that I can see the analytics and have insight into what the client did. I can see what landing page they went to and what lead nurture email they opened or clicked on.”


Dar has been a SmartTargeting client for three years, and loves the success that has come with using the program. With her investment paying for itself each year, she has no intention of quitting SmartTargeting. SmartTargeting has allowed her to be organized with her marketing campaigns and play ahead for a whole year. SmartTargeting provides a vast library of post card designs and compelling messages, giving agents control of how they promote their brand to their farm area.

“2018 was our best year yet. Not only did SmartZip pay for itself, but it resulted in $70,000 in commissions.”

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