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Case Study: Ryan Hansen

Client Profile

Ryan Hansen
Keller Williams
Idaho Falls, ID
Territory: $200,000


  • 12.7% Response rate from SmartTargeting’s automated marketing.
  • 8 closed listings in 2016 using SmartTargeting.


Agent and team lead Ryan Hansen is starting his third year with SmartTargeting. Ryan was in search for a tool that would help him gain more listings and be a step ahead of the competition. SmartTargeting is a marketing solution that increases an agents listing pipeline by leveraging predicative analytics. Ryan’s goal was to utilize the predictive analytics to know who to build relationships with before his competition knew they even wanted to sell. It’s this drive and knowledge that has allowed Ryan to succeed with farming.

“No other predictive analytics company out there has it together as much as SmartZip. I love having the marketing and the data on my side.”


After optimizing a territory, Ryan and his team began deploying automated marketing campaigns to their top seller prospects. They select branded postcards, “handwritten” letters and online ads boasting seller-centric messages. When they get a new lead from their marketing, Ryan and his team follow up immediately.

“SmartTargeting alerts me when a new respondent comes in, or when someone comes back consecutive times. I like that I can really start to understand their intentions and interest.”

Ryan’s marketing also helped him land a listing from a seller target who didn’t respond directly. The homeowner posted on Facebook that she was looking for a listing agent and received more than 30 recommendations, including Ryan. She recognized Ryan’s name from his SmartTargeting marketing and he was the only agent she interviewed before he got the contract. She sheepishly admitted in their first conversation, “This is going to sound weird, but all your flyers are sitting in my nightstand.”


Ryan has been able to leverage his brand with the four landing pages provided by SmartTargeting to convert seller leads. On the landing page, a homeowner can receive: a comparative market analysis, adjust their online home value, and subscribe to a monthly local trends report. Ryan had woman respond to his marketing material by visiting the website and left behind her phone number. Ryan was notified immediately; he was able to log on to view her contact information and the data collected on her property.

Like many homeowners when he called her she responded with, “I just had some extra time and I only wanted to know the price of my home. I’m not thinking about selling and I don’t know you.” Ryan told her that in fact she did know him, because she received a mailer from him every month. She immediately recognized him as ‘the married couple’ and invited him over to her home that day. Ryan went over listed her home, sold it in seven days, then sold her a new home.

“Had SmartTargeting not identified her there is no way I would have met her. Now she is a live advocate for us, she tells everyone about us and how great we are to work with. This was a great SmartTargeting experience.”


With the help of predictive analytics, Ryan is closing a listing at least every other month, if not more. In 2016 he closed eight listing utilizing SmartTargeting tools. Ryan sees the value in predictive analytics and is planning to become more systematic with his door knocking, to win more listings.

“I have no plans on ever giving up my SmartTargeting account. I recognize that there is a lot more potential and that I can do so much more. I closed eight listings last year with SmartTargeting, this year I am aiming for more.”

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