January 18

What is Smart Targeting in Real Estate? And Should You be Using it?

Smart Targeting 

When it comes to almost every aspect of real estate, from getting leads to closing with clients, technology has become a necessity for any realtor who wants to move up in the business. The market is now data-driven more than ever and sticking to traditional means of getting leads and selling listings will only hold you back. Especially when there are tools all around you that can help you be more efficient. 

That makes it all the more important to maximize your use of technology to grow your business, and that is where Smart Targeting comes in. Smart Targeting is an online tool that allows you to grow your pipeline of listings. By using just one platform, you have access to a powerful tool that allows you to focus only on predicted sellers in a given territory.  

No need to keep sifting through social media posts and ads looking for homeowners that need your assistance; Smart Targeting does it all for you so you can dedicate your time to actually communicating and negotiating. 


Data That You Can Use 

The best part? Through its API, you have access to the Smart Data that the platform uses. SmartZip is one of America’s biggest aggregators of real estate data, with over 122 million properties in the database sourced from over 25 providers, so whether you specifically need data on property, demographics, behaviors, or events, SmartZip has you covered. 

Whether you would rather leave the bulk of the work to the platform or you would rather have some hands-on work yourself, both options are open for you.  


Make Your Job Easier and More Efficient 

Too often, beginner realtors find themselves lost when it comes to looking for listings and leads. On the other hand, top-performing realtors seem to have leads just come their way effortlessly. The thing that separates the top realtors from the low-performing ones is that those at the top have data and algorithms on their side, allowing them to be more efficient and purposeful in all their actions. They also save time by leaving much of the heavy lifting to technology.  

Smart Targeting uses data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to predict the people who are most likely to be leads in a given territory. This is called predictive analytics, and what it does is that it uses data, both historical and real-time, to predict future events. Specifically, it uses this data to predict which people are most likely to become property sellers, which properties are most like to be put up for sale, and which people are most likely to become property buyers. 

Through predictive analytics, it is easier for realtors to find and connect with leads, saving plenty of time that can be better dedicated to the more important parts of the process.  

Predictive analytics also allows realtors to predict the future value of a property, especially after renovation, which allows for more accurate recommendations and analyses. 

With Smart Targeting, you no longer have to spend too much on marketing to a broad range of people. Instead, you can now efficiently allocate your limited resources only to people who are more likely to be clients, making your business more productive and more cost-efficient. In fact, Smart Targeting has successfully predicted 72% of listings in 2019, with plenty of testimonials from customers who have increased their listings in a year after starting to use the platform. 



Access to crucial data no longer has to be limited to the big companies with plenty of capital. Save your resources and level the playing field with Smart Targeting, and let your business grow more than it could through traditional marketing alone. 

In an age of information, technology is key, and data drives business. That is why as a real estate agent, it is in your interest to have all the necessary information about leads and potential listings right at your fingertips.